Ents24's Rising List 2019

Millions of people use Ents24 to follow their favourite artists and get alerts when they announce new shows. We also add 300 new bands and artists to our listings every month - and every summer, we pour all of this activity into our data cauldron and cook up the Ents24 Rising List.

Here's how it works: Since the year began, when you followed a new artist, it counted towards their score. Then around the midpoint of the year, we totted up the scores and today, we can reveal the top 20.

This means our Rising List is a panel, pundit, and paid-promotion free zone - it measures genuine interest in seeing new acts live, based entirely on the choices of the millions of people that visit Ents24 each month.

In previous years, the list has tipped names like Jorja Smith, Mist, Shawn Mendes, BTS, Billie Eilish, Years & Years and many many more, long before the BRIT Awards, before the festival headline slots, before the chart-topping records.

So - who has made this year's list?

Here's the Ents24 Rising List 2019 in full, along with some words from some of the acts on it.

Get ready to celebrate your favourites that made it, and perhaps to click and discover some of the names that are new to you as well...

  1. Fontaines D.C.
  2. Slowthai - “Always a blessings to be appreciated for your talents but these shows and my live performance wouldn’t be nothing without the people who take their time and spend their money to lose themselves for an hour or two. Love you all.”
  3. Snapped Ankles
  4. The Record Company - "Cheers to all the fans for getting us on the Ents24 Top Ten List! We will see you soon when we come over with Rival Sons to play some proper Rock n Roll. See you soon UK."
  5. Pip Blom - “It's so cool to make the top 10 in the Ents24 Rising List, we always really love coming to the UK so it's great to have the support of Ents24!”
  6. Sea Girls - “We really go for it on stage and make the most of every single song we play. We want each gig to feel special for the people who have bought a ticket to come and see us live. Playing night after night on tour is what it's all about for us as a band.”
  7. Ten Tonnes - "I’m buzzing to be included on the Ents24 Rising List 2019! Hopefully see you all at a gig soon!”
  8. Luke Combs
  9. Why Don't We
  10. Dean Lewis
  11. Yungblud
  12. H.E.R.
  13. Red Rum Club
  14. Black Midi
  15. Ashley McBryde - “I told my band over and over how amazing the fans in the UK were, but even that couldn’t prepare them for the outpouring of love we received earlier this year when we were there. Finding out that we’ve been included on the Ents24 Rising list, wasn’t just icing on the cake, it was confirmation that the UK truly has some of the best music fans in the world. As long as you guys keep listening, we’ll keep coming back.”
  16. Vistas - “It's great to be included in the Ents24 Rising List, we’ve really clocked up the miles playing live over the past couple of years and looking forward to carrying that on."
  17. Amyl and the Sniffers
  18. The Beths
  19. Bloxx - “We totally love performing live to fans, so it is such a great feeling to have made Ents24's Rising List.”
  20. The Murder Capital

Click on any of the acts on the Rising List to find out more about them, follow them, check out their forthcoming live shows or buy tickets.

To take a look at last year's list head here, or here for 2017's edition.

To be eligible for the 2019 Rising List, acts needed to (as of June 11th, date of compiling the list):

  • have been added to Ents24 less than 3 years ago
  • be appearing in an Ents24 Rising List for the first time
  • be yet to have a UK top 10 single
  • play majority original music
  • not be the side or new project of an act with significant existing commercial profile for music