Did You Know...?

At Ents24, we're constantly introducing new short-cuts, widgets and tools to make the gig-spotting and ticket-buying processes even easier, whether it's introducing filters to show which venues have good disabled access, or creating a gift voucher generator.

So, here are some handy tools available NOW on Ents24 that you may not be aware of...



Most Ents24 users already know that once you're registered, you can 'track' artists, venues or events by turning the tracking button on the right hand side of any artist, venue or event page to 'on'.

Once that's done, whenever that artist, venue or event announces a new date, we'll pass that information on in the form of an email alert or a notification when you log in to Ents24. You can track hundreds of artists and venues at a time (if you like!)

This is also the best way to find out about any presales we have running - we make sure Ents24 users signed up for artist or event alerts are notified when we're able to offer tickets early - no extra conditions applied, all you need is to be signed up for the relevant artist or event!


You can also regionalise your alerts by clicking 'tracking' and selecting 'local' - so if you'd rather only know when an artist is playing near you, it's as simple as clicking the button.

If you use an online calendar like Google Calendar, you can then take your personalised calendar of events and add it there too - just head here and click 'iCal Feed'.

If you want to export your own personal gig-list into an RSS reader, you can do that too - just head here and click 'RSS feed'.


Gift voucher generator

Have you bought tickets for somebody as a birthday or Christmas gift, but the tickets themselves won't arrive before said birthday or Christmas (or are e-tickets that don't look so great?)

Just head here and you can create a customized gift voucher to send by email or print out and hand over!

Filters and Search Options

Find yourself spoiled for choice when looking at the 100,000+ events listed on Ents24? We don't blame you. We list more UK live events than anyone else, so it's important we make them as easy as possible to navigate.

You've probably spotted that you can search by type of entertainment, city or location and date...


...but did you also see that you can filter those results down by genre and sub-genre?



Not to mention the second set of filters down the left hand side of the screen, which allow you to choose to see only:

  • free events (we have over 2000 at the time of writing!)
  • special events (eg. tickets that include accomodation or VIP upgrades!)
  • the newest events
  • events at venues with good disabled access

...and additional filters we add from time to time (for example, events from Brit Award nominees or events that are part of Independent Venues Week)

Perhaps most useful of all is the filter that allows you to see only events from artists you're tracking - a personalised list of events unique to you!


Split Twitter


Why have one Twitter account when you can have four? We let our Twitter followers know about the latest announcements, events going onsale, presales, special offers and exclusive competitions on our main @ents24 account - but if you'd rather just get the lowdown on festivals, comedy or music, you can follow our @ents24festivals @ents24comedy or @ents24music accounts instead!

That's not all! We have some new projects in the pipeline to make it even easier to use Ents24, whether you want to find an event, list an event you're involved with, or buy tickets.

As ever, we love to hear your suggestions: blog@ents24.com is the place to send them.