GigAlert: FAQ


It's been a couple of weeks since we launched our iPhone app Gigalert - putting the UK's biggest live guide in your pocket.

We're especially proud of the fact it works on or offline, doesn't require logins and gives you access to early tickets to thousands of events every year - with no specific phone contract, credit card or mailing list sign-up required - oh, and that it's free.

It was also named one of the 'Best New Apps' on launch in the App Store.

Get it now, right here.

Here are the answers to a handful of questions some of you have had about the new app:

What does it actually do?

  • It allows you to search Ents24's entire live entertainment listings - the UK's biggest - for events you want to go to.
  • It will take you to a site that has tickets for those events.
  • If you choose to track artists, it will let you know when they announce a show.
  • Sometimes, it will enable you to buy tickets for shows before the general public (Ents24 has done this for well over 1000 events this year alone.)

How do Alerts work on GigAlert?

We introduced Alerts back in 2005 - we're pleased to be able to bring them to your iPhone now.

You choose to track artists, venues or events you love - and also if you want to receive notifications. When there's something new to say about those artists, venues or events, if you've agreed to get notifications, we'll let you know, on your phone - no more waiting til you check your email.

It might be that they've been added to a festival lineup, announced a new tour, that tickets are about to go on sale, or that we can give you early access to tickets.

What are the benefits to letting GigAlert scan my iTunes or Spotify library?

Doing this is a quick way to track your favourite bands without having to look them all up. GigAlert will list all the bands you listen to, and you can choose which of them you want to track. We won't automatically track bands without your say-so (so you won't get notifications just because you once listened to one song by a band).

Where's the Android version?

It's coming! An Android version of GigAlert is on the cards. Once it lands, we'll be shouting all about it.

What if I already have an Ents24 account?

If you're already tracking bands via the Ents24 site, and you choose to log in to GigAlert, your tracked bands will transfer automatically.

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