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As the UK's biggest live guide, we connect more than 2 million of you with info and tickets for thousands of shows every month.

But did you know that there are a few simple, free ways to make getting that info and those tickets even easier?

Here are 5 quick and easy things you can do to ensure you never miss out on the shows you love.

Tracking artists is as simple as searching for them on and then switching the Tracking button in the top right hand corner to 'on'. We introduced this feature all the way back in 2005 and right now more than 1.5 million people use it.

Once you're tracking an artist (or venue, or event) we will notify you (by email or GigAlert notification if you use our app) when they announce shows, when shows are about to go onsale, when there's a special offer, or when we have tickets to give away.

You can also tinker with your tracking so that you get alerts for shows nationally or just in selected areas (eg. If you only want to know when a band is playing in your area).


GigAlert is our free, five-star-rated app for your phone.

It puts Ents24's full listings on your mobile, allows you to manage your tracking, integrate your iTunes or Spotify libraries - and works even without signal, and without the need to login.

Perfect for reminding yourself about shows and picking up tickets on the go.

It's live now for iPhone, and Android users can now pre-register to hear about the forthcoming Android version.

If you're signed up for an Ents24 account, you'll have a profile.
You can find it in the top right hand corner of

You can use this to tell us what genres you like, what bands you are tracking, and the kinds of alerts and newsletters you want to get from us, to make sure we're sending you the most relevant offers, tour news and presales.

For example, you can let us know if you want to get the national newsletter (sent each Wednesday, full of tailored tour news), regional newsletter (sent each Monday, tailored to your location and interests), the Deal of the Day newsletter (see the next section), or a combination of them.

Plus, you can also tinker with your tracking here, so that you get alerts for shows nationally or just in selected areas (eg. If you only want to know when a band is playing in your area).


Deal of the Day is kind of our 'secret' newsletter. Only a fraction of the millions of people that get our regular newsletters receive it.

Each Deal of the Day newsletter contains just one huge deal - it might be a half-price flash sale on tickets, access to presale tickets that you won't find on the main site, or an incredible giveaway.

You can sign up here and join the growing number of people who are in on the deals. We only send it on weekdays that we think we've found a deal special enough.

If the deal's not great - we don't send!

You'll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages keeps fans updated with the biggest presales, competitions, offers and tour announcements as they happen.

Our Instagram is reserved for great, never-before-seen live photos of gigs and shows from all over the UK.

Also - if you follow us on Twitter but are only interested in live music, live comedy, theatre or festivals, each has its own dedicated account, so you're not scrolling through pages of shows that don't interest you.